4th Inter-disciplinary Workshop on Social-Ecological Modelling

Following the third successful inter-disciplinary workshop on ecological modelling held at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in November 2016 as part of the ARS Africae project http://www.ars-africae.org/) we invite you to participate in another such workshop to be held at the Wits Rural Facility (near Hoedspruit) from the 27th February to the 2nd March 2018 (both dates inclusive). Note that this workshop takes place immediately prior to the Savanna Network Meeting to minimize travel costs for participants attending both.

The general aim of this workshop is to introduce multi-agent modelling, i.e. a specific form of individual-based modelling, as a valuable approach for dealing with complex social-ecological systems, including the management thereof. In addition we will present an introduction to vegetation modelling. This aspect of modelling has not been covered in previous workshops, but we feel that it would be a good fit to the agent-based modelling on which most of the content is based.

We welcome participants interested in all aspects of ecological modelling–from the teaching of modelling, through the actual collection of data and implementation of computer models for particular research purposes, to the interpretation and analysis of the results. Owing to the additional focus on the interpretation of modelling results during this workshop, stakeholders involved in environmental management are particularly encouraged to attend.

Please could you indicate your willingness to participate by emailing Karen Bradshaw (k.bradshaw@ru.ac.za) before the 18th January 2018, stating your area of interest and any specific topics for discussion that would be of particular benefit to you.

Funding for hosting this workshop (as well as some funding for accommodation) is available through the ARS Africae project.

Workshop presenters

Prof Karen Bradshaw (PhD), Dept. of Computer Science, Rhodes University, South Africa (k.bradshaw@ru.ac.za)

Prof Dr Thomas Clemen, Dept. of Computer Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany (thomas.clemen@haw-hamburg.de)

Dr Simon Scheiter, Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Univ. of Frankfurt, Germany (simon.scheiter@senckenberg.de)

Ulfia Lenfers, Dept. of Computer Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, (ulfia.lenfers@haw-hamburg.de)

Julius Weyl, Dept. of Computer Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, German, (julius.weyl@haw-hamburg.de)