Project 5: A Decision-support information system based on MARS

MARS (Multi-Agent Research and Simulation) is a cloud-based framework for conducting agent-based simulation scenarios on a massive scale, i.e. millions of individual agents. Decision makers from politics, environmental / conservation management and other fields are increasingly requesting to incorporate simulation studies into the decision making process. The aim of this PhD project is to derive scientific, technical and organizational requirements to fulfill this demand in the context of the EMSAfrica project.

Depending on the specific interest of the candidate, the focus of this project may be on one of the following topics or a combination of them:

  1. Environmental decision-support process;
  2. Data science – a way to support decision-making;
  3. Realizing interactive scenarios in MARS.



  • Master’s degree in computer science, geography, environmental management or related fields
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary research, software development, data science and academic excellence
  • Excellent skills in programming (C#, Java, Python, R)
  • Team spirit, flexibility, and ability to work independently
  • Scientific curiosity and willingness to work on a doctoral thesis
  • Full written and verbal fluency in English


Supervision: Prof. Dr. Thomas Clemen (HAW) and Dr. Mari Bieri (TI-AK)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Thomas Clemen,


Please forward any general questions regarding the process to Mari Bieri: