Work Packages

The ARS AfricaE project creates a network of research clusters (with natural and altered vegetation) along an aridity gradient in Southern Africa. It is split up into different work packages (WP) and its main objectives are:

  • Eddy Covariance data along an aridity gradient from the Greater Karoo, to Kruger National Park in South Africa and Kataba Forest Reserve in Zambia
  • link biogeochemical functions with ecosystem structure, diversity of species and eco-physiological properties
  • describe ecosystem disturbance (and recovery) in terms of ecosystem function such as carbon balance components and water use efficiency
  • build an individual based model to predict ecosystem dynamics under (post) disturbance managements
  • combine this model with long-term landscape dynamic information derived from remote sensing and aerial photography
  • develop sustainable management strategies for disturbed ecosystems and land use change
  • train African scientists, technicians, students