Ecosystem Metabolism and Trace Gas Exchange

Flux observation stations are a key component of the ARS AfricaE project. It proposes to establish six in Southern Africa. The meteorological tower built in 2000 in the Kataba Forest Reserve, 20 km south of Mongu in Western Zambia by the SAFARI 2000 project, is a desirable location for such an observation station.

In order to serve this purpose, it needs to be equipped with sensitive and sophisticated flux measurement instruments, along with power supplies, communications equipment and sensors for supporting observations of environmental conditions. These instruments require regular servicing.

In addition, occasional observations need to be made within the sampling range of the tower regarding vegetation and soil conditions. In order to evaluate the impact of land use and land use change a second observation site in a disturbed area will be established.

The image to the left shows the eddy covariance tower at the Malopeni site.