Remote Sensing and Upscaling

The following innovative approach has been chosen to supply ARS AfricaE with the relevant information about the observed land surface dynamics and to contribute such information in a meaningful way to the data integration: for each flux tower location a space-time cube will be generated with a lateral dimension of 5 x 5 km2 and a temporal dimension reaching back to the first available remotely sensed.

The innovation consists of construction of a comprehensive space-time cube of all available remote sensing data and products independently of origin, spectral and spatio-temporal resolution (including very early satellite archives starting in the 1970ies: Corona, Seasat, Landsat MSS). The synergistic use of optical and microwave observations will result in a comprehensive change detection procedure of the complex 3-dimensional vegetation features of savanna and miombio ecosystems. Validation is ensured in cooperation with ground measurements. The resulting land surface products and change maps are being used in application.